Your chakras are the center of your personal universe.

A daily chakra healing practice will change your thoughts, emotions and behavior and leads to increased energy, vitality, strength & balance. Our free daily chakra healing portal has been designed for you to begin your practice.


About the Chakra Healing Movement

Any imbalance in your physical, mental or emotional body can be alleviated with regular attention to the corresponding chakra. Practices that activate and strengthen your chakra centers help to alleviate suffering in a specific area, heal from fatigue, anxiety and stress, clear, balance and align your energy field with high vibrational energy, help you to connect more deeply with your essential spiritual nature & bring clarity into your mind and emotions. Regular practice over time work like regular exercises do for your muscles.

The Chakra Healing Movement was created in 2013 to provide you with exercises to activate & strengthen your chakra centers! We are committed in 2021 to practicing Chakra Healing with you as we re-envision what it means to take care of our health!

The energy within your chakras expands with attention to the light. 

We love what we do.

It is our life purpose to share that love with you.

‘Amazing. This is the best chakra information and especially the meditation that I have found…. Thank you for sharing this gift. I feel truly blessed to have found you.’


'I’ve been meditating for 5 years and this is my favorite. Excellent narration, very calming voice. Content is powerful and healing.’


Depth of Practice Brings Depth of Experience

What do you want to know?

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How do I get started?

The best way to begin with chakra healing is to make it a part of your daily routine. Plan a time of day that you can play your chakra healing guided meditation and create a ritual. You can do this during your morning routine, while you are making lunch for your kids in the morning, or while you are winding down to go to sleep. You want to think of this meditation like an energetic workout for your chakras. As you breath light through your chakra centers over and over again, you strengthen them. This practice is most effective, like any exercise, when you repeat it over time, this is where you will find your greatest connection to your chakras and this is how you will have the deepest experience.

What is a Chakra Activation & Attunement?

In our Chakra Healing Intensive program you are led through an activation to the Seven Sacred Rays of Light, this is a mystery school teaching that trains our awareness in the light. The activation and attunement are two different steps in the process. We activate our chakra centers with attention to the light; this can be done on our own. We attune to the Seven Sacred Rays of light by working with someone else who has already been attuned to the frequencies of light of the Seven Sacred Rays. This practitioner then passes a vibrational imprint to us through the attunement. In our program we work with sound frequencies and sacred geometric forms of light.

What is the Chakra Healing Movement? 

The Chakra Healing Movement was started by Aimee Rebekah Shea in 2013, you can find her on socials as @indigostarangel. Aimee deeply believes that if we all work with our chakra centers through meditation, energy healing experiences and breathwork than we will find it easier to bring health into our bodies and to connect with the divine source of light that is radiating through our chakra centers at all times.

God and Goddess lives within us, but our world doesn't give us much opportunity to experience that. The Chakra Healing Movement is a place we can all come to experience this connection to the divine light flowing through us at all times. It was created to provide free resources to people to help facilitate this connection! We are also dedicated to providing workshops and healing programs to help people develop a process that facilitates deeper chakra healing in their own life. We have a vision for the future of events where we will come together and dance in the light of our awakened chakras!

What if I want to go deeper?

You can explore our 15 week program, Chakra Healing Intensive. In this program we work with each Ray of light individually with the spiritual support of our angels, Archangels, ascended masters and spirit guides. We call upon the presence of a different Goddess each week to learn how to embody the light in more depth. This program is designed to be repeated and includes in person Chakra Healing Attunements with a trained practitioner in groups!

Depth of practice brings depth of experience. So, the more you commit to your practice, the deeper your experience with your chakras will be. There is not an end to this process. It is not like, 'I've already activated my chakras, I'm done'. Instead, each time you breath high vibrational light through your chakra centers , you refine and deepen your connection to this light. Just like any other relationship, the relationship with our chakras becomes richer over time when we commit over and over again to bringing attention to them.