Let the healing begin...


Chakra healing is a tool to embrace your inner divinity. 

Your chakras are the energetic centers of your own personal universe.

Any imbalance in your physical, mental or emotional body can be alleviated with regular attention to the corresponding chakra.

Chakra healing can be utilized to alleviate suffering in a specific area, heal from fatigue, anxiety and stress, clear, balance and align the energy field with high vibrational energy, connect more deeply with spiritual center of truth & bring clarity into mind and emotions. Regular practice over time deepens the healing.

Begin a daily chakra healing practice with a ritual. Choose a time of day that you can practice regularly. Move through each of your chakras, placing your hands over each one and visualizing light clearing each one.

The meditations here are designed to help you build your own daily practice!


Your chakras regulate how you feel physically, mentally and emotionally. 

When any one of these centers is blocked or unstable it affects your everyday life in many different ways.  You pick up energy and toxins from your environment, the people around you and from your own thoughts and reactions to events in your life.  

That energy builds up slowly, and it can leave you feeling out of balance, unhappy, unsatisfied, or not able to move forward in one area of your life.  This is because your energy centers are the foundation of your body’s health.  Your energy centers direct the cells of your body, your thoughts and your emotions.

Any minor or major physical or mental ailment can always be tied to a major chakra energy center in your body. A healthy energetic flow at a chakra center brings health to the surrounding organs, a sluggish or contracted energetic flow brings imbalance, illness and disease. All healing is holistic in nature, so, as you heal your mind and come into deeper union with your divinity, physical healing is automatic.

TRUST this process as you begin! The greatest rewards come with repetition and over time, that is why this space exists for you! A daily practice will change your life, commit now. This is not just a website – it is an energetic space that has been created to support your ascension.

This is a container for transcendent healing. You deserve to experience the fullness of the light embodied. We are practicing here. I will return weekly to share guidance. I encourage you to commit to at least 40 days with me. We are just getting started.

Welcome! I am here with you in spirit.

Namasté, Aimee 


I AM a divine being of light

Blessings arise when I remember this truth